Our Story

Potters Crouch – Our Story

It all started around thirty years ago when we decided we wanted to make scented candles in containers…something which didn’t exist (as we know them today) in this country back then. Our vision has always been that we didn’t just want to make any old candle…we wanted to make the best and if we couldn’t make the best then we wouldn’t make them at all.

So what came first the candle or the fragrance?

When we decided we wanted to make luxury scented candles for the home we first asked ourselves one simple question. Do we want to be candle makers who put perfumes in our candles or do we want to be perfumers who make beautifully fragranced candles?

The answer is we wanted to be perfumers!

Only when we had perfected the art of making beautiful perfumes and essential oils from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world did we then move on to making candles, reed diffusers and other fragranced items.

We did not look to a Perfume House and ask… what perfumes do you have we could buy? Instead we chose to work with one of the UK’s top Artisan Perfumers. This then led to us working with one of the best perfumeries in France to create our own unique and bespoke perfumes. A relationship which is as strong as ever thirty years on.

Then and only then did we look to source the highest quality waxes, wicks, dyes, reeds, glasses and other ingredients.

When it came to choosing a container we used a laboratory to test different materials for us like glass and various metals to see which would provide the best fragrance throw. The material which came out on top was a tin as it holds heat for the longest period which also helps to throw the fragrance. So we then had to find a tin manufacturer who could make small tins for us as nothing like this had previously been used for candles in the UK. Several months later we received our first shipment of 5,000 little tins and lids and made the first scented candles in tins (commercially available as we know them today).

This has continued to be the ethos of Potters Crouch all these years first making sure we have the best fragrances for our products and then sourcing the best materials. Fragrance is the most important element in our products…they are after all fragranced candles.

Independent research suggests…

One thing scented candles have in common today is that they are made by candle makers who have added fragrance rather than perfumers who have added candles. Independent research has shown that 74% of purchasers are generally disappointed with the fragrance performance of their candle – yet they keep buying them and trying other brands in the hope they will find something better.

Potters Crouch is genuinely different we are first and foremost perfumers of the highest quality who are so disappointed by the performance of perfumes being used in air care products today that we decided the consumer deserved better and that we would make our own. 93% of purchasers of a Potters Crouch fragranced product are so delighted with the perfume that they return to the brand consistently.